Tour with us, from Zurich to Switzerland

Classic Tours

  • Old Town walking tour: our most popular tour takes you to the heart of Zurich. It can last up to 4 hours, so let us know how much time you have and how deep is your curiosity and we'll take you there.
  • Shopping tour: this tour will take you to the famous shopping street in Zurich, where alongside well know world brands you can find Swiss department stores mixed with unusual hidden places. It usually takes 2 hours.
  • Money, Gold and Silk: Zurich city is most often linked to money.  In this 2 to 3 hours tour, you will discover the city's past, its connection with  gold and silk and how it became the powerful financial hub it is today.
  • Artistic Zurich: Explore Zurich's theaters, music halls and Modern and Contemporary Art.
  • Zurich Goes West, the Workers' District: the Industrial past of Zurich became a place for trendy, alternative concept stores.
  • Observatories in Zurich: Embrace the views, take spectacular photographs for your instagram: no filters required!
  • Romantic Zurich: Let yourself be guided through the most romantic corners in Zurich
  • Zurich-le-bain: The most relaxing tour ever! Discover Zurich's Thermal Baths.

Special Tours

  • Private Shopping: Zurich is known for quality. Either you are looking for that special treat to yourself or you simply want to surprise a meaningful one, Zurich has you covered. Let us know if you want a reliable Swiss watch, a designer jewel, a special garment or if you want to literally taste Zurich and feel like taking home the best cheeses and chocolates in town! We can introduce you to local brands and producers and special concept stores - the famous Swiss quality will not let you down. This is a completely tailor made tour, designed to be best enjoyed by 1 to 10 persons maximum. 
  • Plus one Tour: So you're in town as the "plus one", you came with your partner who is stuck in meetings all day, leaving you bored and alone in your hotel room? Please get in touch with us and we will make sure you'll have a good time! Either strolling the city, shopping, relaxing or discovering the surrounds, we are here for you. If you are with your little ones, we will make sure they'll have fun as well: Zurich is very family friendly and you simply cannot run out of things to do with them here.
  • Overcoming challenges: If you have any special difficulty or you have a disability, it will be our pleasure to adapt any tour to your special condition. Upon contacting us, briefly describe us the situation and it will be our pleasure to make sure you'll have the tour of your choice in the most conveniently possible way.

Tailor-made Tour

What we do best: The Tailor-made Tour. Since our foundation, more than 30 years ago, that agencies and travel partners trust us with their requests for special tours. Either big groups, individuals, special off-the-beaten-track places or simply a combination of history, culture, food and relax in one tour day - we handle it. It is our pleasure to listen to your expectations and design a wonderful experience for you only. Let us know!

NEW! Meet and Greet Service

  • Trust us to assist you upon arrival! Either you arrive by plane, train or car, it will be our pleasure to meet you and guide you to the hotel of your choice or anywhere else you need to go. 
  • Do you have business partners in town and want to make sure they have a proper support upon arrival?
  • Or maybe you are having family over and want to make sure they arrive safely and know their way ?

Book the Meet and Greet Service